B4A.PM 1.1.0 veröffentlicht


  • [B4APKG-186] B4A.PM.JOBP.INIT-PACKAGE: Support default value for base folder
  • [B4APKG-210] B4A.PM.SCRI.DEPENDENCY-CHECK-STATUS: Generates at activation time
  • [B4APKG-244] Remove B4A.PM.VARA@EXEC.GET-SETTINGS and replace the usages
  • [B4APKG-245] Temp file is not deleted during install process


  • [B4APKG-207] Create DependencyCheck example with XML Variable and Mail Templates
  • [B4APKG-240] Convert report variables to runtime variables
  • [B4APKG-241] Rename service for dependency verification
  • [B4APKG-243] Include new dependency check in install service